Daily Menu

We post our flavors of the day every morning at 10am!

Our Everyday Flavors Are:

Double Vanilla
Vanilla Chocolate
Double Chocolate
Chocolate Buttercream
Red Velvet
Classic Carrot


Individual Cupcakes/$3

$30/dozen     $15/half dozen

Cheesecake Cupcakes/$4*

*Not included in dozen/half dozen or $2 Tuesdays

Traditional Cookies/$1.50

(Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Funfetti)

“Crazy Cookies”/$2.00

(Candies, nuts, etc.)

Cookie Cups, Brownie Cups/$3.00

Cookie Slices/$4.00

Note: Sometimes we sell out, so be sure to call ahead if it’s near closing time! (803) 396-7372

Custom Orders:

$35 and up depending of flavor, filling and topping. For more information about custom orders, please see FAQ.